ComicLife in Your Classroom


Charlene Chausis,
Technology Training & Integration Mgr.
Adlai E. Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire, IL

School Website:


Presented at the
Classroom 2.0 Chicago 2008, Nov. 7, 2008


ComicLife projects and ideas ...

Easy to create! Easy to share!
ComicLife files can easily be "Exported as a web page" as well as ...
• Exported as jpeg files (for sharing electronically -- never try to email a ComicLife file)
• Printed to PDF (still big files, but faster printing)
• Exported directly to iPhoto (which can then be shown as a slide show)
• Exported to a Quicktime movie

For those of you new to ComicLife, check out the ComicLife gallery at: to see the possibilities.

★ Be sure to download the free cartoon character artwork from artist Esa Holopainen, at the Plasq website:
Download for Mac (pdf) or Windows (png) -- for non-commercial use (see rights in the download file).

To place more than one graphic in a panel:

For Mac: Hold down the Command key
For Windows: Hold down the ALT key

Esa's website is Bloodhound Comics:

Some popular ComicLife features include:
• Image Filtering for your photos (make your photos look like drawing)
• Built-in iPhoto and Finder image browser (all your iphoto pictures show up for easy drag and drop into your project)
• Library of pre-made templates, styles and fonts
• iSight image capture (capture pictures using your computer)
• Bendable comic lettering text (much more flexible than WordArt in PowerPoint)

Atomic Learning provides tutorials online through "Lesson Accelerator" project launchers on topics such as:

* Character Comics
* Fat? Or Fit?
* Internet Safety - Be Aware
* Picture Perfect Alphabet
* Spanish Matching Game
* Who Am I?
* Color Web Book

Here's a link to the "Fat or Fit?" Project Launcher from AtomicLearning:

Online Examples:

ComicLife Creativity from Scott Meech:

Also check out this extensive Comic Life resource page from Judy Epcke from Dist. 28 and Marilee Sarlitto at Dist. 96: which includes excellent student samples and downloadable teacher-created templates.

Suggestions for creating your comic:

A few more curriculum ideas...

  • Social Studies: Anxiety Disorders
  • World Languages: About me scrapbooking
  • Science: Each student is assigned an atomic model, and then research general background info on the scientist. They describe what their atom looked like at the time.
  • Science: Body systems
    English: Vocabulary examples.
  • Science: Classification
  • Fairy Tale Elements


ComicLife Examples on Flickr:

"Of Mice and Men" from Jerome Burg:

"We Learn as We Grow" Garden Project:


Tools for creating, editing, sharing ...

Digital cameras, iPhoto, ComicLife, other online tools, as needed.

★ iPhoto –

★ Comic Life – or for Windows,

Flickr --

Owned by Yahoo, Flickr is a tremendous resource for images. Many Flickr users have chosen to "share" their work with a Creative Commons license, and you can browse or search through photos under each type of license.

FdFlickr Toys --
check out Motivator, movie poster, trading cards, billboards and more!

- Slideshow tool example

- Motivator example

★ iWork Pages or Keynote –

★ --
Copyright friendly images. Share your work with other educators.


More fun ...

Online Creative Fun with Images

★ Favorite Flickr Mashups from Photojojo -

★ Create photobooks from your Flickr photos -

★ My bookmarks for more Flickr-related websites:

★ Favorite Flickr Sites from David Jakes -

★ FlickerStorm --

★ Use your webcam to take fun pictures -- your image into interesting templates (picture your face as the Mona Lisa)
      --  and --

★ Your photos into slide shows from Animoto -- (through Dec. only, sign up for free educator account)


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