Focus on Educational Moments in Your Classroom


Co-Presenters: Charlene Chausis, Technology Trainer (Retired 2012)
Sharon Sossin, Special Education Teacher

Adlai E. Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire, IL


School Website:


Presented at the
Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) Conference, February 26, 2008-- St. Charles
, IL

Focus on educational moments in your classroom by using clever and creative ways to manipulate digital images for your classroom. Create learning passports, motivational or promotional posters, calendars, and more. We’ll explore ways to capture the learning, promote enthusiasm and engage students with a variety of projects for any curriculum area or age level. Your students will love being in the spotlight!



Visual Literacy and Technology Standards

American Alphabet from

Images that have/had an impact:

How many of these can you identify in Heidi Cody's "American Alphabet"

How important is visual literacy?

The enGauge Report on 21st Century Skills ( cites visual literacy as one of the key skills for the future:

"Visual literacy is the ability to interpret, use, appreciate, and create images and video using both conventional and 21st century media in ways that advance thinking,decision making, communication, and learning.

Students who are visually literate:

* Have working knowledge of visuals produced or displayed through electronic media
* Understand basic elements of visual design, technique, and media.
* Are aware of emotional, psychological, physiological, and cognitive influences in perceptions of visuals.
* Comprehend representational, explanatory, abstract, and symbolic images.
* Apply knowledge of visuals in electronic media
* Are informed viewers, critics, and consumers of visual information.
* Are knowledgeable designers, composers, and producers of visual information.
* Are effective visual communicators.
* Are expressive, innovative visual thinkers and successful problem solvers."

There are a number of ways to teach with visuals. Annette Lamb provides several examples of "Digital Visuals" and activities at

As educators, how can we be sure our students become visually literate?

The National Archives website provides reproducible worksheets to assist teachers and students in evaluating and analyzing written documents, photographs, cartoons, posters, maps, artifacts, motion pictures and sound recordings. Download copies of the worksheets at:

These pdf forms have been created as "typeable forms" so that students can type into them and print out their reflections!

Refreshed Standards from ISTE

“What students should know and be able to do to learn effectively and live productively in an increasingly digital world …”

Tools for Creating, Editing and Sharing Your Digital Masterpieces!

Creative projects for your students


Digital Imaging in Education -- Dr. David Thornburg

Dr. Arnie Abrams Handouts

Every Picture Tells a Story, Using Digital Photographs as Tools -- from Ellen Wiley

Keep it Simple: 101 Digital Photo Activities for K-5 -- Melanie Holbrook

Sample Lesson: Mother Nature Pattern Maker

Adobe Digital Kids Club

From Annette Lamb, High Tech Learning

Digital Photo Safaris: Authentic Learning Across the Curriculum -- LOTS of ideas and sample files!


Editing Your Masterpieces

Dove Evolution. Example of digital manipulation.


O.J. Simpson photo manipulation example

Photo tampering throughout history examples

Adobe Photoshop Elements tools "Transform/Liquify" is a great free tool for basic editing of images within Flickr (now integrated) or from your computer. Add frames, text, speech bubbles, and fun shapes and stamps.  A pro account ($24.95 yr.) provides more editing options. provides basic editing online:


From this


to this provides many Photoshop-like filters such as the swirl and embossed frame option:

sunflower-twisted  ... no sign up required. also provides a few filters (posterize, emboss), PLUS layers!


Sharon Sossin's "Digital Cameras + Computer = Creative Works of Art " website (templates, ideas and samples):


Online Creative Fun with Images

Flickr --

Owned by Yahoo, Flickr is a tremendous resource for images. Many Flickr users have chosen to "share" their work with a Creative Commons license, and you can browse or search through photos under each type of license.

FdFlickr Toys --
check out Motivator, movie poster, trading cards, billboards and more!

- Slideshow tool example

- Motivator example

Put yourself on the cover of 18 different magazines -

Express yourself in many ways at -

Custom Street Signs-

Create photobooks from your Flickr photos -

My bookmarks for more Flickr-related websites:

Recommended Reading:

Teaching With Digital Images: Acquire, Analyze, Create, Communicate

by Glen L. Bull and Lynn Bell

ISBN 1-56484-219-3

$37.95 on Amazon or from ISTE (member price: $34.15)

Download a pdf excerpt from the ISTE Bookstore.

Award-Winning Digital Photography Projects for the Classroom

by Dr. Arnie Abrams

$32.00 (book with CD) from

From NCTE: Lesson Plans for Creating Media-Rich Classrooms
by Mary Christel and Scott Sullivan

$34.53 at Amazon

Capture the Moment: The Pulitzer Prize Photographs
by Cyma Rubin and Eric Newton
$19.80 on Amazon


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