Staff Development for the 21st Century:

Free Online Resources for Professional Learning are Just a "Click" Away!


Presenter: Charlene Chausis, Technology Trainer (Retired)
Adlai E. Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire, IL

School Website:


Presented at the
IASBO TechCon, October 16, 2009

The Internet can be used to enhance, deepen, and transform learning opportunities through powerful and engaging platforms that many school administrators and educators have never heard about or experienced. Explore the multifaceted world of “Web 2.0” and the many free resources, such as wikis, podcasts, and blogs that can be used as a foundation for a staff professional learning program.

Slides online:

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Staff Development for the 21st Century:

21st Century Learning Initiative

Perspectives on 21st Century Learning (compiled by David Jakes):

ISTE's NETS*T: Standards for Teachers


Tools: Wikis, Podcasts, Blogs and more …

Wiki: Develop your own online course

Wiki: Learning2Go:

Learning2Go: Load up your iPod!

Wiki: Open PD

Wiki: 21st Century PD

Wiki: 50+ Web 2.0 Ways to Learn Professionally

Wiki: What my PLN means to me

Wiki: K12Online Conference


Podcast: Produce Your Own!'

Podcast: K12Online Conference

Educational Blogging:

Blog: Learning 2.0, "23 Things": Helene Bowers

Blog: Moving at the Speed of Creativity, Wes Fryer

Blog: Open Thinking, Dr. Alec Couros (Networked Teacher)

Broadcasting live or for later viewing/reviewing

Educating Educators Channel:



Planning: Why and How?

Links to planning and assessing Staff Development (research and resources)

Teacher Professional Development Sourcebook:
The Changing Landscape of Teacher Learning

My delicious bookmarks for Professional Development websites:



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