Google Tools for Educators

Presenter: Charlene Chausis, Technology Trainer (Retired 2012)
Adlai E. Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire, IL
Apple Distinguished Educator 200


Presented at the
Illinois Education Technology Conference (IETC), November 15, 2007 -- Springfield, IL

Google is more than just a search tool. Collaborate with colleagues, collect and share online data, monitor and participate in discussions, read, talk, watch or publish videos, manage photos, create websites, take virtual field trips, and more! Explore innovative ways that teachers and librarians are using a variety of Google's free and easy tools to help students learn.

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Google Tools

Google tools

Google for Educators includes:

* Classroom activities
Teach Collaborative Revision with Google Docs

Revision is a critical piece of the writing process—and of your classroom curriculum. Now, Google Docs has partnered with Weekly Reader’s Writing for Teens magazine to help you teach it in a meaningful and practical way.

Children with Autism Architect Their Ideas Using 3D Design Software
Project Spectrum was developed by the SketchUp Team at Google to help people with autism take advantage of their visual and spatial gifts.

* Classroom posters

* Teacher Community:
Sign up at:

* Some tools you can use for your classroom:


BOOK SEARCH: Many public domain works are online in both 'flash' format or image form. Build your own sharable library. Have students write reviews! With a Google Book search you can search the full text of a book, from beginning to end.  and the how-to info at:

BLOGS: Blogging resources and examples:

CALENDARS -- subscribe to other calendars, such as those published on iCalx, share your own, embed into your websites:



Word processing, Spreadsheets and now Presentations! Collaborate and edit in real time!

(join the educators group -- see link above!)



Head over to David Jake's presentation on Cartography!



Access your notebooks on your mobile phone by pointing your phone's web browser to

How to:

PICASSA -- a place to store and share photos... create a classroom account.

SKETCHUP -- have students create your school and submit to Google for Google Earth. See examples at:

There is also a request for help to model cities from around the world. Click "Help Model a City" for more details. Your students can help model cities such as Milwaukee, WI.



Also check out "An Educator's Guide to: Google Apps for Education" from FTC Publishing:

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