The Macintosh iLife in Your Classroom

Presenter: Charlene Chausis, Technology Trainer (Retired 2012)
Adlai E. Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire, IL
Apple Distinguished Educator 2003

School Website:

Co-Presenter: Laura Brown, Communication Arts Teacher

Adlai E. Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire, IL



Explore how music, photographs and movies come together with iLife software: iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, Garage Band, and iDVD. Every subject comes to life with iLife! Investigate how teachers are using Apple digital media applications to enliven lessons, meet instructional standards and guide children toward more productive futures.


iLife in Education

What students can create with iLife 05

With iPhoto, students can easily store, organize, and edit digital photos, and then share them as photo books, customized slideshows set to music, on web pages, and more.

With iTunes, they can store and organize music, audio files (such as famous speeches), and sounds to use in their digital projects. They can also store audio books and voice recordings, such as poetry readings, and even create their own CDs.

With GarageBand, they can perform, record, and create their own music with drag and drop simplicity. They can view their compositions in full music notation and use their original music as soundtracks for their slideshows, movies, and DVD projects.

With iMovie HD, students are empowered to create digital stories and video documentaries that include digital video, photos, and music, as well as their own narration and text.

With iDVD, they can easily create impressive DVDs to store and share their digital projects, create portfolios that document what they have learned and demonstrate proficiency, or present a class movie, complete with menus and chapters.

Apple Learning Interchange

iLife Lessons
Here's a collection of lesson starters to show how you can use iLife applications in your classroom --These wonderful lessons come from educators like you, who are using iLife applications to enhance their curricula and student performance.

Apple QuickTime for Learning



Recommended textbook:
The Macintosh iLife 04 in the Classroom: An interactive classroom learning guide to iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD and Garage Band by Jim Heid --


Teacher edition including hands-on projects for grades K-12, by Nikos Theodosakis, author of Director in the Classroom: How Filmmaking Inspires Learning.



Garage Band: Making Your Own Music
(Textbook pg. 230-259)

iTunes and iPod -- Listening to Music

• Importing music into iTunes: pg 20-21
• Audio Formats: pg. 22-23
• Editing Song Info: 28-29

RE: File format:
Read more about import settings and hard disk space in the iTunes help.

iPhoto: Organizing and Sharing Images

(Textbook pg. 90-149 )

Four Basic Functions of iPhoto
1. Import photos from cameras or files
2. Organize and categorize them
3. Make simple editing changes quickly
4. Output to a wide variety of destinations

iMovie: Making Movies
(Textbook pg. 152-201)

iDVD: Putting it All Together
(Textbook pg. 204-227)


A picture is worth a thousand words!
Create an iPhoto slide show, with music, about a topic you are currently teaching, or to "tell a story" about activities your students are involved in. Minimum 10 slides.
Digital Resources:

Present slides shows and iLife lessons.

Extended lesson:
1. Export your completed iPhoto slide show to Quicktime. Create a large format (640 x 480 pixels), and a smaller one (320 x 240 pixels). Be prepared to share your discovery about file size and quality.

2. Use your iPhoto slide show as a foundation for an iMovie. Add titles, transitions and (optional) voice-over.

3. Create an "Action plan" for incorporating iLife tools in your classroom. Template provided.

Sharing of action plans and completed movies.

Final reflections.



Explore these iLife website and Lessons pages. Find one lesson or idea that you could adapt for your classroom. Be prepared to share your findings.

Apple Learning Interchange - iLife Educator Awards

From the Educator Awards:
Lesson Plans in the Teacher Supplement

Rights and Responsibilities

Social Studies - Middle School

Math All Around Us

Math - Middle School

Exploring History Face to Face

History - Middle School

Documenting Environmental Issues and Taking Action
Science, Social Studies, Language Arts - High School

Let's Make a Photo Book
Language Arts, Science, Art - Primary

Now Hear This! Making a Public Service Announcement
Health, Social Studies - High School



Create an iMovie lesson plan
Review the iLife Lesson plans on the Apple Website. What lesson or activity could your students use iMovie as a learning tool?

Need to brush up on iLife Skills?

The Atomic Learning Library (use your ICE login)
Online software training for school, home, and business.  12 Free iMovie 3 tutorials

Using iLife 04 in Education -- David Baugh
(Watch and learn, all video tutorials!)

Camera and Camcorder compatibility

Tips for making your movie

Unofficial iMovie FAQs

Unofficial iDVD 4 FAQs

GarageBand Tutorial

Be inspired.... a few more examples:

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