iPower! Becoming a Digital Educator or,
'iPods Are Not Just for Music!?' 


Presenter: Charlene Chausis, Technology Trainer
Adlai E. Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire, IL
Apple Distinguished Educator 2003

Email: cchausis@district125.k12.il.us

School Website: http://www6.district125.k12.il.us/staffdev/


What tools belong in a digital educator's toolbox? Learn how teams of teachers (digital immigrants from Communication Arts, Health, Social Studies, Science, Special Education and World Languages) are working together using 21st Century tools: scanners, cameras, iPods and the Web 2.0, to form strategies for teaching their digital native students. 

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Digital Immigrants vs. Natives  -- What research tells us...  (preaching to the choir?) 

Digital tools for digital students


Apple's website showcases todays students who are hypercommunicators, multitaskers and goal-oriented. Follow the links to the "Disconnect: What digital students need in order to learn"  -- today's kids are wired differently!

Research from NCES

12th Graders’ Views of School: 1983-2000: The National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES), part of the U.S. Department of Education, has found that the majority of students who graduate from American schools think that school is irrelevant.

NetDay Speak Up


NetDay Speak Up is an annual national research project that collects the voices and views of key stakeholders in education on topics such as educational technology, science, math, and 21st workforce skills. Over the past three years the project has collected the viewpoints of over 562,000 K-12 students from all 50 states, as well as 26,000 teachers.

Cultivating Digital Educators


An online presentation from Frieda Foxworth, Ron Bosch and John Geanangel. "How do you transform a traditional school environment into one where teachers effectively use technology for collaboration, curriculum development, instructional delivery, and student engagement? It doesn’t happen overnight, and many challenges must be overcome." 

21st Century Skills - Growing Up Digital


From the Metiri Group, "The enGauge 21st Century Skills were developed through a process that included literature reviews, research on emerging characteristics of the Net-Generation, a review of current reports on workforce trends from business and industry, analysis of nationally recognized skill sets, input from educators, data from educator surveys, and reactions from constituent groups. Sources are listed and cross-matched in a matrix included in the full report."


iPower -- more than just "stuff"

Where to begin?

  • Connect to district goals/mission statement
  • Determine equipment/budget needed
  • Get district administrative support
  • Obtaining equipment/grants. (Smarter Kids Foundation, Best Buy)

Team-based Staff Development: key to successful implementation

  • Professional development, team collaboration and "just in time" support
  • Climate of collaboration -- dedicated time (Professional Learning Community model)
  • Avoid using technology to do the "same old thing" a different way. Tools are the vehicle... not the destination.
  • Transforming teaching: using technology effectively for student engagement, instructional delivery, collaboration and curriculum development
  • Motivating change: teachers sharing successes and modeling best practices
  • Beyond computers: establishing a technology enhanced classroom.


iPods for Staff Development -- Building Digital Literacy

Duke Digital Initative


Apple Professional Development Online


David Warlick's Guide to Podcasting for Educators


Teaching Strategies -- Building Digital Literacy -- (iPods are Not Just for Music...)

Classroom ideas


Annette Lamb's website, has activities and lesson ideas for photo resources, digital cameras, scanners and more.

iPod = MegaVCR


From Hall Davidson of Discovery Education, presented at the Florida Education Technology Association conference. Don't miss using Apple's "Address Book" for quizzes on the iPod!

iPod Tours



Lit to Go


From the Florida Dept. of Education -- a free online collection of stories and poems in Mp3 (audiobook) format

Flocabulary - Vocabulary builder (rap)


Getting Things Done with Your iPod


e-Books for your iPod


From the Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC 2007):


We have the tools... we have the power!

Blogging and Podcasting from iPower members:

http://citizenu.org (Blog)

pcast://feeds.feedburner.com/CitizenU (Podcast--subscribe in iTunes)

Social Studies teachers Dan Larsen and Andy Conneen: CitizenU

http://www.aprider.blogspot.com/ (Blog)

http://www6.district125.k12.il.us/~mrider-s/podcastingynotic.html (Podcast - web-based)

AP Spanish teacher Manolo Rider-Sanchez




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