Too Light? Too Dark? Just Right! --
Thinking Outside the Camera

Presenter: Charlene Chausis, Technology Trainer
Adlai E. Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire, IL
Apple Distinguished Educator 2003


School Website:

Co-Presenter: Laura Brown, Communication Arts Teacher

Adlai E. Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire, IL




Discover the best use of your camera's built-in features, while applying the golden rules of photo composition. Download photos into iPhoto for quick-and-easy slide shows, or Flickr-sharing on the web. Learn to enhance your digital masterpieces using basic tools in iPhoto or Photoshop Elements.  

Presentation Slides from "Rediscover Your Digital Camera and Take Better Pictures"



Get to Know Your Digital Camera

Revisit your camera's manual

Search for your manual online!

Too Light? Too Dark?

Checking for Advanced Flash Features in Your Digital Camera

Explore Examples

Over 350 digital camera reviews, with standard test photos, sample photo galleries, detailed measurements of shutter lag, cycle time, and battery life, and complete descriptions of the top digital cameras on the market

Flickr Camera Finder

What types of pictures are other people taking with the same camera as you?

All About Flash Memory Cards

How Digital Camera's Work's Digital Camera Primer

BOOK RESOURCE: Step-by-Step Digital Photography, A Guide for Beginners

by Jack and Sue Drafahl; ISBN 1-58428-141-3

$10.17 on Amazon

This is a great book for those wanting to rediscover their cameras. VERY visual guide in understanding the settings on your camera.


Photo Composition -- Take Better Pictures!

Kodak: Taking Great Pictures

Be sure to also check out the educational topics and projects!

Kodak: Self-teaching Guide to Taking Pictures

Basic Techniques

Learn to take better pictures


How to Take Better Pictures

Capturing a Great Digital Picture

New York Institute of Photography


Editing Tools

Learn with Atomic Learning (AL)

Learn to use iPhoto:

Learn the Basics of Adobe Photoshop Elements/Album:

Adobe Photoshop Elements Users


Photoshop Elements Killer Tips

FotoFinish -- Software for Windows users

Picasa -- from Google, iPhoto-like photo management software for Windows


Thinking Outside the Camera: Digital Photography in Education

Classroom ideas

Annette Lamb's website, has activities and lesson ideas for photo resources, digital cameras, scanners and more.

Digital Cameras in the Classroom: Erin Llewellyn (IL-TCE 2006 Presentation)

Say Cheese! Using Digital Cameras in the Classroom: Judy Ryan (IL-TCE 2006 Presentation)

Adobe Digital Kids

Apple Learning Interchange

If I Were President Book

Ken's Index to Digital Photography Links Lesson Plan Gallery


Learn from the Masters!

Rob Galbraith

Digital Photography news, reviews, tutorials and discussion forums.

Leslie Fisher

Leslie Fisher gave a great presentation at NECC 2005 in Philadelphia, which inspired me to present this session. (Visit the" virtual NECC" website and watch a streaming video of her presentation:

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Last Updated: March 22, 2007