PowerPoint Lessons and Tips
for Teaching and Learning Math

Why PowerPoint? (or any slide show application?)

Ways PowerPoint could be used for students to show what they have learned:

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PowerPoint Tips:

Using PowerPoint in the Classroom:

PowerPoint: More than a presentation tool:

More teaching strategies for using PowerPoint:

Online Math skills for primary grades by Monica Yuskaitis

PowerPoint Lessons and Activities (Jeopardy Games)

PowerPoint Tips and Hints

PowerPoint “Drawing” features to illustrate Mathematics concepts

PowerPoint tools:
From the View menu, select Toolbars and “activate” the Drawing tools:

When the drawing tools are active, there are several layers of sub-menus available. Be sure to explore the


These are helpful for illustrating math concepts. When creating diagrams, draw lines using the Connector lines as they remain attached to shapes even when rearranged.

Word Art
Special Word Art effects can be created quickly and easily using the Draw toolbar. Choose a preset style from the WordArt gallery, or create custom color, shadow, and alignment effect.
Click the Insert WordArt icon on the Toolbar: and select a style from the Gallery:

PowerPoint Charts:

Nearly every part of a PowerPoint chart can be formatted separately, allowing users control of the appearance of the chart and the way data is displayed. PowerPoint charts have many different “regions” which are not obvious to the user.


Slides containing a combination of text, images and charts should be animated using the Slide Show -> Custom Animation feature. You can select varying Effects, Order and Timing and Options depending upon the item(s) being animated.


Using the Pen to mark slides during the presentation:

Click the bottom left of the presentation to activate the Pointer Options menu to select the pen (notice the shortcut key).

Object Size and Placment

Use the Format -> Object menu to precisely size and position objects on your slides.

Charlene Chausis
Adlai E. Stevenson High School (Retired 2012)