Develop your own Web Page: an introduction

ICTM Conference, October 2003
Chicago, IL
Presenter: Charlene Chausis, Technology Trainer (Retired 2012)
Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire, IL

In this workshop we will investigate software resources and steps necessary to develop web pages, and methods for posting your finished pages on the Internet. Hands-on instruction and exploration will address both Macintosh and PC environments.

Planning your website is like building a home.

What you need to know to "grow your own" …

How to Create Great School Web Pages

Planning a Web Page? Visiit Tammy Payton's online tutorial for teachers who want to develop their own webpage.

Geeky stuff:
Do you need to know HTML (HyperText Markup Language) to develop a web page? With the availability of powerful web editors (Adobe Pagemill, Microsoft Front Page, Netscape Composer, and so on), probably not. However, a basic knowledge of HTML will allow you to make simple changes in your pages when you don't have access to a web page editor. The "language" of HTML is simply a series of "on" and "off" commands that are surrounded by brackets like this: <html> begins the page, and </html> ends the page.
Examine the Basic elements on every HTML page.

Tools that will help:

A "WYSIWYG" html editor, such as Front Page, Netscape Composer, Adobe Pagemill and Claris Home Page,
(Front Page tutorial -- Netscape Composer tutorial, -- Adobe Pagemill tutorial -- Claris HomePage tutorial)
Also link to a very comprehesive online course/tutorial from UIUC:

Many word processing programs will convert your pages for you!
Converting AppleWorks documents to web pages tutorial)

Photo or graphic editing software to prepare and size your pictures before adding them to your web pages

Getting it together:

CoolText Online Graphics Generator

FlamingText Online Graphics Generator

Yahoo's Clip Art

The Free Site

Free Graphics Store

Especially for educators …

Filamentality -- no ads, sponsored by SBC (Pacific Bell)
A fill-in-the-blank interactive web site to help you create online learning activities or resources for your teachers and/or students.
Sample page:

HPR*Tec (High Plains Regional Technology in Educaton Consortium)
Among the many free tools provided for teachers is the Web Worksheet Wizard. Create a lesson, worksheet or class page on the web.. Also provides the "Poster Project" for your students to create web pages.
Sample page: -- minimal ads -- free
From the Copernicus Education Gateway ( a free community service for teachers offering "fill-in-the-blank " ease of use, and searchable by zip code!
Sample page:

The Learning Network: My SchoolOnline -- $29.95 annual fee
MySchoolOnline's WebCreate service provides the tools and features needed to help you build a professional-looking website in minutes and with no programming experience
Sample page:,1876,16809-109636-21-4033,00.html

Eboard -- $39 annual fee
eBoard is a simple to use online service that allows educators to very quickly and easily post information online for parents and students. In just seconds any educator (regardless of technical know how) can easily post messages, photos, files and links online for parents, students or other educators.
Sample page: (the password is password) provides a "Homepage Maker" to help you generate a web page using "fill in the blank" template. There are also resources for adding "bells and whistles" such as web counters and scrolling text banners at

Free web page hosting! 
(not education-based -- more features, ads)

100 free Web Servers - Rates and list the top 100 places to post your pages for FREE or for a modest fee.

AOL Hometown
You don't need to be an AOL member, but requires an AIM sign on. The 1-2-3 Page builders makes it easy to create your web page..
Sample page: (now partnered with Yahoo)
15 MB free space, page builder or FTP. Free version contains ads on your page.
Sample page:

100MB free space! No annoying banner or pop-up ads! Online editor and templates for easy creation
Sample page:

Tripod (now partnered with Lycos)
50 MB storage. Site builder and file manager.

Presented at the October 2003 ICTM Pre-Conference, Chicago, IL